Mando Gear

Map, Water, Whistle, Cellphone, and Small First Aid Kit.

Adventure Race Rules

1. All racers are expected to be examples of good sportsmanship. Racers must treat fellow racers & race staff with courtesy and respect.

      • PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for unsportsmanlike behavior based on the infraction.

2. Teams must assist fellow teams in need of medical attention.

      • PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for non assistance based on the infraction.

3. Any racer 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult racer over 18 years old.

4. Teams must always remain within 30 feet of each other and within visual contact at all times (unless otherwise specified).

      • PENALTY: First offense 2 CP’s / 2nd offense Disqualification.

5. All team members must check in together at each checkpoint. If one member must leave the course, they must do so at base camp and notify race management. If a team leaves a teammate out on the course that team will be immediately disqualified and not allowed to continue unofficially. Incomplete teams may continue unranked. A single person must join with another team who commits to staying with that new racer. Incomplete or single racers must carry the mandatory team gear.

6. Race bibs must be worn on the outside of clothing at all times. Race bibs do not have to be worn over packs.

      • PENALTY: 1 hour per offense.

7. Teams must manually punch passport in correct space at each CP.

      • PENALTY: Failure to punch - team will not receive credit for that CP.

8. Teams that mistakenly punch the passport in the wrong box (for example punching CP 7 in the CP 8 square which would then require the team to punch CP 8 in the CP 7 square). If teams report the mistake to race officials when turning in the passport, they will receive the following penalty.

      • PENALTY: First offense no penalty, all additional offenses 1 CP each.

9. Maps, Passports, Rules and Instructions must be carried the entire race.

      • PENALTY: For lost map, rules or course instructions -- none. Lost passport – only credit for CP’s which are punched on passport.

10. Final rankings will be as follows:

      • Teams will be ranked by number of CP’s acquired.
      • Teams will be ranked by fastest time.

11. Race officials reserve the right to alter time cut-offs or the course itself to accommodate changing conditions and to ensure that teams finish on time.

12. Mandatory gear must be carried at all times and will be checked on the course.

      • PENALTY: 2 CP’s for each piece of missing gear.

13. Any device (Example: phone, computer, watch, pace counter, GPS, etc) that communicates with a satellite are not allowed for use by a team during the race. These devices may be carried during the event for emergency use.

      • PENALTY: Disqualification.

14. Racers must follow Rules of Travel as outlined in Course Instructions. Where no specific path is designated, teams select their path between CP’s. When instructions designate a specific route, teams must follow that path.

      • PENALTY: For travel on forbidden roads or violating Rules of Travel first offense 4 CP’s / 2nd offense - Disqualification

15. Race officials may provide water at some CP's or home base. There is no Food / Gear Drop unless specified by Race Officials. Teams may receive assistance from any registered team. Teams may receive assistance from any unplanned source that would be available to any other team in the competition (for example stores, bike shops, faucets on the side of a building). Teams may receive assistance from the general public, defined as unplanned assistance from people who have no connection or affiliation with the race or a competitor in the race (for example assistance in the form of mechanical help, food, water, bike parts, directions would all be acceptable). Teams may not receive assistance from spectators or friends who are viewing the event, event staff or from support persons on the course who have planned to assist teams.

      • PENALTY: Disqualification

16. NO LITTERING! Leave no trace!

      • PENALTY: 4 CP’s per infraction.

17. Use of cellular phone is for emergencies only. No other use is allowed.

      • PENALTY: Disqualification

18. Any penalty will be deducted to the team’s finishing CP point total.

19. Race officials reserve the right to remove a team from the course for health, safety or other reasons, at the discretion of race officials and medical personnel.

20. Any team withdrawing from the race must notify a “live” person by checking out with a volunteer or by calling the race director. Failing to notify race officials will result in that team being responsible for all search and rescue expenses.

21. Any protest must be filed in writing within one hour of the team’s finish and will be reviewed by the Race Committee.

22. All teams must be checked in at the finish line by 6 hours. Teams will lose 1 CP for each full minute after 6 hours. Teams may skip CP's (except designated mandatory CP's) at any time during the race. Teams may take any route to the finish line as long as their route does not travel on forbidden roads or through forbidden areas.


  • Team gets to the finish line at 6:00:59 - no loss of CP's
  • Team ABC gets to the finish line at 6:02:59 - loss of 2 CP's