How does the kid bracket work? All kids 14 and under must race on a team with an adult over 18. If a team has a kid member that team is automatically eligible for the kids bracket. To participate in the kids bracket a team must return to base camp 3 hours after the race starts. Your score will then be calculated. Teams with kids don't have to participate in the 3 hour race, it's up to you. Any team that has not checked in at the 3 hour mark will be scored in the 6 hour team bracket.

Male/Female Brackets? No, this is an Equal Rights Amendment compliant race. Skill, not speed, wins adventure races.

Do I need to know how to use a compass? No. As long as you can follow a trail map you will be able to find a majority of the checkpoints. But, without knowing basic compass skills you will not be able to find the varsity level checkpoints.

Will I have to plot checkpoints on the map? No. Because this is sprint AR, and with kid racers in mind, all of the CPs will be pre-plotted.

Safety Measures? Paramedics will be on site. If you require assistance yell, blow your whistle, or try to use your cellphone to call the race director. The furthest point in the park from base camp is only a mile. All racers are required to render aid to racers in need.

What if I get lost? First, don't worry you are probably just misplaced. Second, getting lost is part of adventure racing. Third, to get un-lost go down hill. This will lead you to one of the lakes where you will get your bearing. If all else fails, use your compass to go follow the “escape azimuth” that will be briefed before the race. This is a direction that will always lead to a road or other point where you can get found.

Swag? Yes, a sweet minty t-shirt

Awards? Yes. Awards will be given to the top three finishers in the following brackets: (1) Solo racers, (2) Teams, (3) Teams with at least one kid. The kid bracket will be scored at the three hour mark.

Where does the race fee go? T-shirts, food, awards, park use fee, pavilion rental, and race insurance. Any left over money will be donated to the Crozet Library and Albemarle Parks.

Is this a USAR sanctioned race? No. The race rules are based (copy pasted) from USAR rules, but this race is not a sanctioned race.

How much distance does the race cover? That's up to you. Best guess is that you will have to cover 8 miles to clean the course.

Will I have to climb a tree? No. Some CPs will be hidden from plain view or placed outside the trail network, but no CP will require climbing.

Terrain? The terrain is varied from gravel fire roads to single track trails. There is significant elevation change (aprox. 1,000 ft.). The park is bounded two small mountains and a ridgeline. There are 3 small lakes and multiple small streams that you may choose to cross (no swimming in the lakes).

Vegetation? Trees, poison ivy, thorns...lots of thorns.

Wildlife? Black bears, deer, squirrels that sound like bears walking around, and snakes...Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Wormsnake, Black Racer, Ringneck Snake, Eastern Ratsnake, Cornsnake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Mole Kingsnake, Common Kingsnake, Milksnake, Northern Water Snake, Rough Greensnake, Smooth Greensnake, Queen Snake, Red-Bellied Snake, Common Ribbonsnake, Common Garter Snake, Smooth Earth Snake.

How to I record that I found a checkpoint? You will be given a card called a passport that looks like a bingo sheet filled with squares. Each CP has a punch with a unique pin hole pattern that you will use to punch the hole pattern in the passport square matching the CP number. For example, you find CP 15, use the hole punch to make a hole pattern in passport square #15.

If you still have an unanswered question send us an email.