Mint Springs Adventure Race

6 hour Sprint // 3 Hour Kids Race

2 may 2020 - Crozet, VA

Adventure race time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome in spring with an adventure race at Mint Springs park in Crozet, VA. Hunt for over 30 checkpoints spread throughout the park using a compass and map. The course will have a mix of checkpoints, some good for kids and first time racers, some maliciously placed for the grizzled veteran. Every racer will be given a course map on race day with the checkpoints pre-marked. Find as many checkpoints as you can in 6 hours.

This is a rogaine style (all on foot race against the clock) 6 hour sprint adventure race. No bikes or paddling required. Stay on the trails...or not. Up to you. Collect the checkpoints in any order, the race is open navigation. Race solo or as a team. There is no minimum age to race, but any racer under 15 must race on a team with an adult.

There will also be a 3 hour kids race. Any team with at least one member under 15 is automatically eligible for the kids race. Just make it back to base camp by 1200 to be scored in the kids bracket.

All checkpoints are open to all racers. Checkpoint point values will vary based on difficulty. Check out some park topographical trail maps for early map recon.

$40 Adults (15+) / $20 Kids (14 & under)

All proceeds will be donated to the Crozet Library and Albemarle County Parks.